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Branding for the Metaverse

HowMeta provides premium Metaverse consulting services

The Metaverse is no longer an abstract concept written about in books and dramatized in film. It is now a real, evolving set of immersive creative platforms driven by key industry participants such as Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon. HowMeta knows which platform is the proper fit for the clients we consult with. We provide iterative design guidance that will make your brand shine and prosper in the immersive realms of the Metaverse.

Metaverse world creation

Our most popular service

Finding your place in the Metaverse starts with understanding your brand and the audience it is trying to reach. Our team will sit down with you to go over your goals, KPIs, and ideal outcomes for your brand. Once we have come to an agreement on your brand's positioning, we will help you select a Metaverse platform that is uniquely suited to facilitate a successful entry.

Metaverse asset creation

Make your world stand out

HowMeta offers custom-tailored design and implementation of immersive assets in your world that include:

World accessories

Avatar and NPC design

UI and GUI Creation

Interactive item scripting


Howmeta can staff your metaverse world or store.
Metaverse staffing

HowMeta will staff your virtual world

HowMeta offers immersive staffing solutions for a variety of industries and niches.

How does virtual staffing work in the Metaverse?

HowMeta will sit down with your team and learn about your brand’s unique needs.

Based on our assessment of your brand’s goals, staffing determinations will be made.

HowMeta will identify and elevate Metaverse talent, train the talent in accordance with

your brand’s image and goals, and create a custom schedule to staff your world.

What types of industries can benefit from virtual staffing?

Benefits from virtual staffing depend on the goals for your brand in the Metaverse.

If your brand is looking for visibility and recognition, HowMeta would bring in immersive

talent to promote and maintain order and style in your branded world.

Generally speaking, brands focused on digital and physical sales of goods and services

will be most successful in the current Metaverse platforms.

What types of virtual staffing plans do we offer?

1) Full-time staff paid by the hour or for set rates for the duration of a contract.

2) Contract-to-Hire virtual staffing for brands seeking consistent immersive experiences.

3) Event-based staffing for special limited-time events in the Metaverse for your brand.