HowMeta is the premier Metaverse consulting agency for developing immersive experiences.

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We Know Good Content

All About HowMeta

HowMeta is a diverse group of immersive media professionals united by a shared passion to develop and produce high quality Metaverse worlds and experiences for our clients.

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Quality Over Quantity

We Believe In Delivering Unique Experiences

The Metaverse should not be boring. Yet, it should also be professional and on-brand for our clients, too. We believe that successful immersive content starts with a happy median between these two realities. This ensures that users are engaged in the experience and beauty of the worlds we develop for our clients at the same time that they are learning about their brand's unique message. HowMeta wants to build a Metaverse we can all be proud of.

We break through reality.
Industry veterans

Passionate About Our Work

The team at HowMeta is diverse and proficient at developing immersive experiences for a wide variety of industries and use cases. From Metaverse-enabled storefronts with actual sales logic for user conversion, to art installations for museums; HowMeta can deliver results with our team's experience and skill-set.

Getting to immersive business.